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A Sweet Pea Cake, Etc. towel cake is an non edible 2 tier cake made up of 2 plush bath towels, 2 plush hand towels, and 2 wash cloths. It is a complete set of towels. The cake is then decorated with lush flowers, beautiful ribbon and filled inside with gifts for that specific occassion.
Our Wedding Towel Cakes are made up of the complete set of towels, filled inside with champagne bubble bath, candles, rose petals to set the mood, and topped on the outside with champagne glasses. Just add a bottle of champagne and the romantic evening for two is complete. This is such a romantic wedding gift and makes for a stunning center piece.
We can change any of our decor on the wedding cakes to match the colors of the wedding and the season. What better way to say to congratulations then with a customized wedding towel cake.
We take our time to choose plush quality towels. No one wants a towel that will fall apart after one wash. These towels are made of cotton and set to last.
If you are looking for a towel cake for other occassions such as Mother's day, a birthday, or a holiday, then we recommend a spa towel cake. These cakes are made up of 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel, and 1 wash cloth and filled inside with bath products, candles, and a sponge. These adorable cake makes for a great house warming gift. It is such a unique way to let someone know you care and ar thinking about them.
Towel cupcakes are little cakes made to look like cupcakes. They are made up of 1 hand towel and 1 wash cloth and topped with yards and yards of korker ribbon to look like frosting. We fille them inside with manicure or pedicure sets. These little treats are so sweet and let calorie free.
We ship our towel cakes in custom fit boxes that fit like a glove. This ensures the cake arrive the same way they left- all in one piece. We pride ourselves in making sure every detail is tended to from the making of the cake, to wrapping it up in mesh, to handmaking the card, and in packaging it for you.
All of our cakes are made in a sterile, clean and smoke- free home!
We have a wide selection of towel cakes: wedding towel cakes, towel cakes and spa towel cakes. Click each title to view the cakes!