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 Sweet Pea Cakes,etc. was started by Dawn Weigum in Littleton, CO in spring of 2007. While being on maternity leave, her two month old daughter was sick in Littleton Hospital with RSV. Having to miss her return date to work, Dawn decided now was the time to be home to care for her children and begin a home based business to secure their finances. After taking her creativity to the sewing machine, out came handmade baby gifts that needed a special way to be presented. After having a "taste" of diaper cakes, it was decided this was how these handmade gifts would be delivered- hidden inside cakes! The diaper cake line soon branched out as the website become known on the net, on myspace, blogs and locally. The company now offers baby gifts, diaper cakes, towel cakes, towel cupcakes, pajamas for babies, children and adults. Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. cakes have reached coast to coast, having been sent to Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, New York and everywhere in between. After reaching page 2 in the google search for diaper cakes, Dawn is ready to take her business to the next level. These special gifts are ready to be delivered nation wide to hospitals, gift shops, retail stores and online stores.

For more information on Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. please contact Dawn Weigum at sweetpeacakesetc@yahoo.com

"Everything Sweet Pea Cakes Etc. makes is hand-crafted and homemade in a smoke-free environment. We pride ourselves in tasteful crafts with you in mind. Our goals are to provide excellent customer service and make your day a memorable one."
Thank you for your support. We appreciate your business!