Have you seen our new sister site, Just Stylin' Baby

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Kerry Williams 2008-02-13
Your products are so creative! I received the sweet pea J's as a gift and my daughters just look so adorable in them. Wow it is so special to have hand made things. Great quality products. Thanks Sweet Pea Cakes
From: Littleton, Colo
Tiffany Schafer 2008-02-13
I just love this site...I can't wait to find out what my litte sister is having so I can order some goodies for my new little neice or nephew. Hip Hip Horay for Valentine's Day!
From: San Antonio, TX
Kim 2008-02-13
I love the Baby Candy http://www.babycandystore.com/ giveaway. I love your site Dawn! Your Diaper cakes are just adorable. Great job!
Jessica 2008-02-13
Yay for Virtual Valentines Day party! :
From: Colorado
Jacqueline Barry 2008-02-13
Not only is the site beautiful and full of things to see...how awesome is it to stumble into a Valentines Day Party? Not long after midnight and I am already enjoying the holiday! Happy Valentines Day to you all!!
From: Michigan
sherry s 2008-02-12
Such a creative and impressive site. Wonderful Sweet Pea.
From: nassau bahamas
Rene Bender 2008-01-29
Great site! And cakes! You are amazing!
From: Thornton, CO
Cari 2007-06-08
I love your site! My favorite is the Zebra Diva Cake!!!
From: Alaska
Erin Rocha 2007-06-08
I wish I was pregnant or someone that I know was pregnant! I love your site. You seem like you are doing really well.
From: Colorado Springs, Co
Heather 2007-06-08
Dawn made me a custom Winnie the Pooh cake for my sister in law. When she sent me pictures I was so excited but when I actually saw it up close it made me wish I had gotten one when I had my daughter. I had it at my desk at work and everyone loved it - I can't wait to take it to the shower - its sure to be the best gift there!! Thanks Dawn!!
From: Denver
Brooke 2007-06-08
This site is incredible!! The cakes are stunning! I am so proud of you and so proud to know the master mind behind this amazing gift idea!! The absolute best of luck. Although you don't need it. This wonderful product is all the luck you need!!
From: Auburn, AL
Matt Oviatt 2007-05-15
Sweet site girl! Good for you!
From: Denver, CO