Have you seen our new sister site, Just Stylin' Baby

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Lisa 2008-10-20
What a cute website. Loved the pics. Good luck with your business in making people smile...
From: Florida
Susie 2008-05-17
What a cute site you have! Loved browsing through it. Wishing you the best with it. www.busyhandsboutique.com
From: Oklahoma
Dana 2008-02-14
Wow! It's all so great! Scrapbooking, bows, cupcakes...please don't make me choose one! I'd love to win anything!
From: Texas
Taryn S 2008-02-14
I love Baby Candy's site! Cute stuff!
Marilyn B. 2008-02-14
Oh I love candles and those chocolate goodies have me drooling ... Yummy! Thank you for the fun party!
Dara 2008-02-14
Chocolate!! My fav is the chocolate! What an awesome site too I love the color scheme it reminds me of chocolate. Wish I had known about diaper cakes before all my nieces and nephews were born. That orange and pink one is so attractive!
From: Eagan, MN
Sara L. 2008-02-14
Wow, I love all the prizes! One of my favorites would have to be the Scrapbooking Supplies! I am just trying to get into scrapbooking, so this would be great to have!
From: GA
Bree 2008-02-14
I love all the prizes! Great stuff!
Dena 2008-02-14
The heart shaped cupcakes look yummy. I love the candles from MB candles. Thanks for the entry.
From: http://sunegrl72.blogspot.com
Annette 2008-02-14
I love the heart-shaped cupcakes! Thank you for entering me.
From: http://natural-childhood.blogspot.com/
Bebemiqui 2008-02-14
The candle that turns into massage oil sounds divine.
From: http://www.bebemiqui.blogspot.com
Tara 2008-02-14
I love the bows and the scrapbooking stuff!
From: Saskatchewan, Canada