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Diaper Cake for Twins
Diaper Cake for Twins
Choose any one of the diaper cakes on the website and make it suitable for twins! Let us know the name of the cake and the sex of the twins when ordering and leave the rest up to us!
Any diaper cake you choose is a 3-tier, non edible, cake-like handicraft made of 54 size 1 Pampers® Swaddlers diapers and filled with baby necessities.
Our diaper cakes are designed to be simple and classy on the outside. The key to a great surprise for the mommy-to-be is keeping all items hidden inside the diaper cake.
Inside the diaper cake, the mommy-to-be will find:
  • 2 handmade swaddle blanket matching the theme
  • 2 handmade reversible bibs matching the theme
  • 2 binkie clips
  • 2 binkies
  • Johnson & Johnson travel set—shampoo, wash, lotion, powder
  • trial size DESITIN® diaper rash ointment
  • soothing lotion
  • 2 items from the following list: medicine dropper, teething ring, rattle, washcloths, spoon and fork set, and nasal aspirator
View everything in the diaper cake  up close. (pictured above: swaddle blanket and bib set)
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