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Wine Fall Wedding Towel Cake
Wine Fall Wedding Towel Cake
Wine Fall Wedding Towel Cake
This beautiful wedding cake is fully decorated in fall colors. The cream-colored towels are embraced by the wine-colored ribbon and are topped off with two champagne glasses. Inside this cake, made up of 2bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths, you will find a caramel pillar candle, Bath & Body Works® Warm Vanilla Sugar® Bubble Bath, Bath Gel and Lotion. This creates a relaxing evening for the newlyweds.
An added bonus with this cake is the wonderful centerpiece that you can make! The cake comes on top of a gold platter. Take the candle from the cake and place it in the middle of the platter. Take the ring of decor from around the top tier of the cake and place it around the candle. Place the rest of the leaves and decor around the platter, candle and ring and you have a fall centerpiece to place next to the bathtub or on the counter.
Send them a unique wedding gift today! This cake is also perfect for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays!
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